Stainless steel 2 person camping set

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Product Details:
- Material: The cookware set is made of polished stainless steel, which provides durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. The bottom of the cookware features a copper coating for improved heat distribution and retention.
- Components: The set includes the following components:

1. 6” (15 cm) Frypan: Ideal for cooking various dishes, from eggs and bacon to sautéed vegetables.
2. 1.23 Imperial quart (1.4 L) Pot with Lid: Suitable for boiling water, making soups, or cooking small meals.
3. 0.88 Imperial quart (1 L) Pot with Lid: Perfect for cooking smaller quantities of food or reheating leftovers.
4. 2 Plastic Cups: Convenient cups for drinking or measuring liquids during cooking.

- Folding Handles: The cookware is designed with folding handles that can be easily folded for compact storage and portability. When in use, the handles provide a comfortable grip for safe handling.
- Carry Bag: The set comes with a carry bag that allows for easy transportation and storage. The bag helps keep the cookware organized and protected during travel or camping trips.

Overall, this stainless steel camping cookware set offers a versatile and practical solution for outdoor cooking. The combination of pots, frypan, and cups provides flexibility in meal preparation, and the folding handles and carry bag make it convenient to carry and use during camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. The polished stainless steel construction with a copper bottom ensures even heat distribution and longevity of the cookware.
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