Kershaw Monitor 2041

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The Monitor blends tactical cutting ability with everyday carry convenience. Manual KVT ball bearings create smooth opening, and the ultra-reliable DuraLock secures the blade. Complete cutting tasks using the piercing spear point and slicey D2 tool steel edge with a flat grind. Grip the textured handle for greater control and pull back on the ambidextrous DuraLock to safely close the blade. Finally, it includes a reversible extra-deep-carry pocket clip for easy carry. Despite its smaller size, the Monitor packs a punch.
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This everyday carry knife offers a sleek, all-black tactical look, perfect for those who value both style and functionality in their tools.

The DuraLock mechanism ensures that the blade remains securely open during use, thanks to a solid steel crossbar that locks it in place. For safe closure, simply pull back the ambidextrous lock, allowing you to close the knife with confidence.

The blade is made from D2 high-carbon tool steel, known for its exceptional wear resistance, toughness, and impressive edge retention capabilities. The black-oxide finish not only adds to its tactical appearance but also enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion.

For easy and smooth one-handed deployment, the knife is equipped with the KVT ball-bearing system and a flipper. This allows for quick access to the blade whenever needed.

Convenience in carry is another notable feature. The knife comes with an extra deep-carry pocket clip, which can be easily reversed to allow for left or right-hand carry. Additionally, a lanyard hole is included, offering another option for carrying or attaching the knife securely.

Overall, this all-black tactical everyday carry knife combines reliability, durability, and ease of use, making it an excellent companion for various everyday tasks and outdoor adventures. Its modern design and practical features make it a standout option for knife enthusiasts seeking a versatile and functional tool.
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