Shoot.N.C. 6 Self-Adhesive Targets 8in x 8in 36 Repair Pasters

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The Shoot•N•C® 8 Inch Sight-In Targets are designed to provide shooters with a convenient and effective way to sight in their firearms and test different ballistic loads. These targets have several features that make them popular among shooters:

Key Features:
- Bright chartreuse rings: Bullet holes on the targets are revealed with bright chartreuse rings, making it easy to see shot placements from a distance.
- Self-adhesive backing: The targets have a self-adhesive backing, allowing for easy and quick setup on various surfaces.
- 1-inch numbered grid lines: The targets feature a convenient 1-inch numbered grid, which simplifies scope adjustments for precise shot placement.
- Versatile use: The targets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting, and they work well in low-light conditions due to the bright chartreuse rings.
- Five targets on each sheet: Each sheet contains five targets – one large center target for initial sighting-in and four smaller targets for testing different ballistic loads or confirming sighting-in groups.
- Corner pasters included: The package includes 36 pasters that can be used to repair the targets or cover up previous shots.

Package details:
- Product code: 34105
- Package contains 6 targets
- Includes 36 pasters for target repair or shot covering.

The Shoot•N•C® 8 Inch Sight-In Targets are a practical and efficient solution for shooters who want to ensure precise and accurate shots. The combination of features, such as the chartreuse rings and numbered grid lines, makes these targets highly popular for sighting in and adjusting scopes for different shooting scenarios.
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